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Audit Factors Included

Here are the following factor included in this free seo template.

Website Basics


Local SEO Audit

On-page SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

Off-Page SEO Audit

Free SEO Audit Template to Download

  • This template will include the technical SEO audit, On-page SEO audit, and Off-page SEO audit factors.
  • This will come in a .PPTx format so you need a PPT opener for viewing and editing this template.
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Tools To Be Used For This SEO Audit Checklist

You can use tools as per your choice. I am creating the list of tools and websites generally used to preparing the SEO audit report. (*Most of the websites are free)
  1. Site Preferred redirection (
  2. Robots.txt (
  3. Sitemap (Check for or
  4. Mobile friendly (
  5. About and Contact Page (Check it on your website)
  6. Incorrect Usage of 301’s, canonicals, Noindex or 404’s (
  7. Improperly optimized categories (Screaming Frog)
  8. Multiple categories per post (Screaming Frog)
  9. Authors (Screaming Frog)
  10. Titles, Meta Description, Images, and Headings (Screaming Frog)
  11. Schema Markup For Aggregate Rating (
  12. Categorized URL Structure (Screaming Frog)
  13. Bread Crumbs (Google Search Console)
  14. 404’s, 301’s and 200’s (Screaming Frog)
  15. GMB listing (Google My Business)
  16. Broken Links (Screaming Frog)
seo audit template

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I have downloaded this template by filling the name & email. It includes all the SEO factors on-page, off-page, & technical SEO.
I am satisfied with the optimization of this SEO checklist.
I downloaded this template because it was ranking in google for keyword SEO Audit Report Template. This free template helped me a lot in learning SEO factors (on-page, off-page and Technical SEO factors).
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This Free SEO Audit checklist template helped me in getting my first customer. I used this template to generate customer's website SEO Audit report. This template have all SEO Factors required in SEO AUdit.
Digital Marketing

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