Google Featured Snippets: Position 0 in Google Search Results

Google’s search results sometimes shows a descriptive listing above the regular listing. In which the descriptive text is shown above the page link as compared in regular listing the description shows below the page link.

Google Featured Snippet

Ahrefs study shows that 8.6% of all clicks go to the featured snippet and 13% of all search results now return a featured snippet.

Here are more chances to get more traffic to your website if your page get that featured listing because it shows the more description than normal listing description.

There is no way to acquire the featured snippet place by yourself. Google system / algorithm determines whether your page would make a good featured snippet for user’s search query, and if so, google’s algorithm evaluated it and shows on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

You can’t determine that your page is feature snippet available but you can opt-out your page from featured snippet by using <meta name=”googlebot” content=”nosnippet”> tag on your page.

Google Featured Snippet Type:-

1. Paragraph Featured Snippet

Paragraph featured snippets are of most common type and provides the searcher with a direct query to their answer.

paragraph featured snippet

Paragraph featured snippet are generally shown for the keywords which includes terms such as:-
*How to do/get…
*Who is…
*Why is…
*What is…

2. Number List Featured Snippet

Number list featured snippet are shown for the content which have how to step-by-step guide or DIY steps or recipe etc.
To optimize for these snippets, include the step guide in numbered list at the start of the post.

Number list featured snippet

3. Bullet list featured snippet

For bullet list featured snippet, google  bot formats the headings or list post in the bullet list form to show the descriptive page content.
To optimize for bullet list featured snippet format the page in proper headings and provide the ul or ol tags for lists.

bullet list featured snippet

4. Table featured snippet

For better readability of data google re-format the data for this type of snippet. Google doesn’t show the exact table these featured snippets but it shows the data which is more user friendly.

table featured snippet

5. YouTube Featured snippet

Google can construct featured snippet from YouTube not even from web pages. If google finds that the video is the best answer for search query then it will show the video from YouTube as featured snippet.
Also shows the best suited time (The time from where actual tutorial starts) in tutorial videos as per the user interaction matrix.

youtube featured snippet


Google featured snippet is the zero position (#0) in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). and this helps in driving way more traffic than normal listing. One most important thing that 99.58% featured snippets are constructed from the first page results.
So you have to rank in the first page for getting that featured snippet position.

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