What is domain authority? [10 Days Cycle to Improve it]

What is domain authority

Every website owner dreams that his/her website will get more & more organic traffic and have a high Domain Authority.

Why do they need more organic traffic?

They need this because either they don’t want to have money to pay for advertising or already spent too much on advertising.

The whole SEO campaign game plays around the top 3 positions in the search engine result page. Statistics show that when your website ranks in the first position, then the traffic on your website is 200% more than the position second website. So everyone wants to rank their website on the first position in the search engine result page for the niche query.

Google has more than 200 factors that are being used to deciding the ranking position of any website. DA (Domain Authority) is not one of those factors which contribute to your SERP, but If your website has higher authority, then your website has more chances to rank on top in SERP (because for getting high DA you have to create backlinks that will count by google for SERP).

What is domain authority?

Domain Authority is the website’s search engine ranking score, which was developed by software company MOZ. This domain authority is calculated on the basis of backlinks that a website has. Here are two main factors that count for the calculation of the Domain Authority of a website.

  1. Linking Root Domains
  2. Number of quality backlinks

Some Important Link Building Ways For Improving Your DA

For improving your Domain Authority all you need to do is to get more high-quality backlinks. Remember the thing high quality, because of one high-quality backlink count more than the 100s of low-quality backlink. You can use the following strategies to create high-quality backlinks:-

  1. Editorial links:- For such links you have to write a guest post on other blogs whose content is similar to yours. Also, you can ask for a link exchange by outreaching the blog owner through email. Editorial links are the most difficult backlinks to get for your website.
  2. Social Sharing links:- Every time you write content, you should provide a link of it all over your social media accounts. This will increase social signals and also the social (referral) traffic.

There are other strategies to get high-quality backlinks such as profile creation, directory listing, etc. but for getting links to your content above explained strategies are the best.

10 Days Cycle To Improve Domain Authority

Day 1 Link Profile Audit

On the very first day, you have to audit the website’s link profile. For this work, you can use online tools like ahrefs, SEMRUSH, etc. Define the harming backlinks and try to remove all of them (by deleting your profile or sending a removal request by mail or forum).

It’s difficult to get removed harmful links but it counts more in improving domain authority.

Day 2-3 On-Page And Off-Page SEO

After auditing backlinks, you have two days for on-page and off-page activities. In on-page activity try to include the most relevant keywords on your website. Also perform all the off-page activities (link-building, social sharing, directory listing, etc.) on a priority basis.

Day 4-6 Content Creation Process

Now it’s all came to content marketing when you wanna grow your organic traffic and for content marketing, the thing you first need is the content idea. So, find the content ideas in your niche and start collecting data for the articles in the next 3 days.

Day 7-8 Create And Publish Content

When you have the data collected, start framing your articles. I suggest you write at least four articles and publish them on your website.

Day 9-10 Create Backlinks

Backlinks and their quality is the only things which count for the domain authority of the website.

After 8 days process, for the remaining 2 days, you have to create backlinks for the content you have published. In this article, I have already included the best backlinks creation strategies for content.

After completing this cycle of 10 days, you have to be patient because it will take 1-2 weeks to count your backlinks or even more than 2 weeks. You should repeat this cycle further to improve your ranking.


Now you have enough knowledge about the Domain Authority, how to improve it and also the best ways to get more backlinks to your website. If you follow this 10 days guide for your website, I will assure you that your domain authority will definitely get increased. I have also used this 10-days guide for my website also.

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